Chapbook: Existing In Between (very very small press, March 2018)

Existing In Between:
Essays on Love, Trauma, Identity, Race and Intersectional Feminism



(1) Stranger Danger (Prologue)
(2) My Life Is A Sitcom
(3) One Love: Liberation Co-opted
(4) A Study On Toxicity: A Codependent Love Story
(5) Yes All Men
(6) Foot Guy And Erotica Girl
(7) Living Alone In South LA
(8) I Do What I Want And So Should You


Creative Nonfiction / Memoir / Humor


“From getting doxxed by the white reggae community to being in a toxic relationship with a heroin addict to writing niche erotica for money, author Belinda Cai humorously and poignantly explores navigating identity, trauma, relationships and her passion for intersectional social justice in this offbeat collection of eight essays through the lens of an Asian-American sex-positive feminist.”

Released through very very small press.

Contact to order.

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