Featured Works


Meet the Asian George Washington and Actors Defying Asian Stereotypes [VICE, feature]

Has Post-9/11 Scrutiny Made It Harder to be a Muslim Immigrant? [VICE, news feature]

The Facebook Group Giving Dudes Permission to Share Their Feelings [VICE, feature]

Until Citizenship Do We Part: How People Pull Off Green Card Marriages [VICE, feature]

In Honor of Leelah Alcorn, Cincinnati Passes the First Citywide Ban On LGBT Conversion Therapy [Bitch Media, news feature]

Creationists Are Building a Real-Life Noah’s Ark [VICE, Q&A]

What Happens When the Person You’re Dating Comes Out as Non-binary? [VICE, feature]

What It’s Like to Date Someone Who’s Sober When You’re Still Drinking [VICE, feature]

Ladies First: Ladyfest Cincinnati [CityBeat, cover story]

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Tinder In-App VIBES (seasonal)

AvatarLabs Film and Television Social Assets


LAK9s’ Colleen: Kids And Dogs Series [Dog Whisperer HQ]

Siberian Husky Meets Her New Brother [Dog Whisperer HQ]

Zines: The Power of DIY Print – Documentary [USC Impact, long-form]

People of Different Ethnicities Stand with Ferguson [Neon Tommy, news]

Social Media

Dog Whisperer HQ Instagram from 1/21/2020 – 9/30/2021

Social Graphics for AvatarLabs – Thelma, Netflix Family, Ferdinand, Etc

In-depth research on client American Idol – social media analytics

Website, air, social media posts for WVXU from September 2015 – April 2017


For the First Time, Talking to My Father About Immigrating to America [PRX, Popaganda (Bitch Media), XRAY.fm, long-form]

People’s Liberty Grantee To Bring Big Changes Through Tiny Living [91.7 WVXU Morning Edition, news feature]

New Mixed-Use Development Receives Mixed Response [WVXU All Things Considered/Morning Edition, news feature]

Bar/Arcade Combos Attracting Wide Customer Base [WVXU Morning Edition, news feature]

Proposition 47: Reducing Low-level Felonies and the Prison Population  (ARN link) [Annenberg Radio News, news]

“My Health LA” Provides Medical Services for Uninsured  (ARN link) [Annenberg Radio News, news]

Women in the Film Industry: How to Reach Gender Parity (ARN link) [Annenberg Radio News, feature]

“As I Lay Crying” Episode 1: Stigma [independent podcast]


Breaking Hollywood’s “Bamboo Ceiling”

Freezing the Biological Clock [Neon Tommy]

Twitter as a Platform for Female Journalists and Feminism [Neon Tommy]

South L.A. Programs Tackle Pressing Community Health Challenges [Neon Tommy, Intersections South LA]


Ferguson is “A Human Issue,” USC Rally Organizer Says  [Neon Tommy]

Photoset: San Francisco Street Style [Acro Collective]

Photoset: L.A. Street Style [Acro Collective]

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