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Belinda Cai is a writer and journalist. She has an M.S. degree in journalism & communications from the University of Southern California. Belinda is currently the lead content editor of INHAILER, a startup that brings local music and arts to a radio/digital platform. She hosts the live talk show “Brat Chat with Belinda Cai.”

Her collection of poems “Girl Who’s Been Hurt” is published in ENTROPY Magazine. Belinda is working on a full-length anthology of poems and essays.

She previously worked as the assistant producer for NPR Member Station WVXU‘s longform show, Cincinnati Edition. Her freelance work for the station has been on Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Belinda is a contributor for VICE, has been published in Bitch Media and has a radio documentary on PRX featured on Bitch Media’s Popaganda Podcast/Portland Public Radio, XRAY.fm. Belinda regularly contributed to CityBeat, Cincy Magazine and Acro Collective.

She started an independent podcast about crying and made a short documentary about zines. You can listen to her music here/follow her band page here.

Tell her your story/e-mail her at belindafcai@gmail.com. View her LinkedIn here. Tweet at her here.

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