Belinda Cai is a writer and content creator. She is currently the production manager for Dog Whisperer HQ, working closely with Emmy Award-nominated producer Kay Sumner, the co-creator of the original Dog Whisperer TV show on National Geographic.

Graduating from the University of Southern California, Belinda has an M.S. degree in journalism & communications.

She has contributed to well-known media outlets like VICE and Bitch Media, and has also worked for NPR Member Station WVXU. She occasionally contributes to Swipe Life, Tinder’s relationship blog; an excerpt of her writing for Swipe Life was featured in The New York Times.

Tell her your story/e-mail her at belindafcai@gmail.com. View her LinkedIn here.

Completed projects/accomplishments:

-Dream pop music project on Spotify (and Bandcamp). (current)
Music videos for music project. (ongoing)
-Starred in Netflix show, 100 Humans. (March 2020)
-Published in Caldera Mag issue 005. (January 2020)
-Poetry chapbook, novocaine. (June 2018)
-Memoir chapbook, Existing In Between. (March 2018)
-Featured in viral AJ+ video about model minorities. (2017)

-Lead editor for INHAILER and host of 1-hour live radio show M-F, Brat Chat. (2017)
-Collection of poems “Girl Who’s Been Hurt” published for ENTROPY Magazine. (2017)
-Poem “Glowing Dust” published in issue 14 of REALITY HANDS. (2017)
Independent podcast series about the sociocultural aspects of crying. (2016)
Short documentary about zines and DIY culture. (2015)


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