“Dog Stories” and “News And Tips” on Dog Whisperer HQ

I wrote all of the dog stories in Dog Whisperer HQ’s Story section, from 2/3/2020 – 8/26/2021.

This includes:

Peabody, The Mixed Breed Rescue

Indie Christmas, The Yellow Lab

Tofu, The Maltese Puppy

Nomo, The Siberian Husky

Pickle, The English Bulldog And Patty, The Mystery Mix

Olive, The Dachshund And Poodle Mix

Clementine, The Pug, Schnauzer And Terrier Mix

Siberian Husky Meets Her New Brother! (Shot and edited the video)

Hershey, The Toy Poodle

Darwin, The Border Collie-Lab Mix

Libby, The Miracle Pup

How Kimber’s New Home And Pack Made Her The Happiest Pup

One-Eyed Ursula, The Chihuahua-Jack Russell Mix

King Boris, The Cavalier

Norman’s Training Journey

Chihuahua Cedric

Kai, The Boxer Mix

Mayor Max Of Idyllwild

A Pup’s Escape From Danger: Lita’s Story

Spuds McDuff, English Bull Terrier

Mochi And Nova

The Rescued Dog That Ended Up Rescuing His Owner

Sheldon And Penny, Corgi Twins

Oliver, Penelope Lane And Margo

Bear, The Pit Bull Mix

Ollie, The Corgi

Penny, The Newfoundland

Bean, The Pug

Franklin, The Chiweenie

Yogi, The Pomeranian

Maya, Nori And Jethro (Spitz Trio)

Olive, The Labrador

The Golden Lab Whose Loving Spirit Lives On Through Hurley’s Halos

I also wrote these News and Tips stories:

Pawsitive Change Program Rehabilitates Dogs And Inmates: Troy’s Journey

Sabrina Somma’s ‘K911 ResQ’ Saves Dogs That Need It The Most

Meet Onnie Hull, Dog Photographer Extraordinaire

10 Fun Facts About Dogs!

A Dog’s Extraordinary Sense Of Smell, And Scent Likes And Dislikes

Keeping Your Dog Safe From The Heatwave/Summer Heat

Rescuing A Community: Zach Skow Of Marley’s Mutts

Meet Trainer And Groomer Pilar Garrido!

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