Popaganda Episode: Growing Up Immigrant [Bitch Media]

My PRX podcast on my father’s childhood and immigration story is featured on Bitch Media’s Popaganda Episode: Growing Up Immigrant.

Listen here: https://bitchmedia.org/article/popaganda-episode-growing-immigrant

“When politicians and pundits talk about immigrants, they far too often use language that makes it seem like immigrants are… other. Not real Americans. Not able to be trusted. Their histories, experiences, and native languages, those should be pushed aside in favor of the “melting pot” of English. At the same time, stories of immigrant families are noticably absent from our pop culture. While millions of North Americans are growing up as children of immigrants, you can count the number of third-culture kids on TV on one hand.

Today’s episode shares the personal stories of people growing up as first-generation Americans and Canadians. The people we interview discuss navigating their parents’ traditions with their own personal politics and learning to value where they come from—despite all the cultural forces that erase immigrant stories. This episode features linguist and psychologist Julie Sedivy, poet Fatimah Ashgar, filmmaker Anne Galisky, journalist Belinda Cai, and podcaster TK Matunda. Listen in.

Journalist Belinda Cai never knew much about her father’s life in China or why he decided to come to the United States. So, one day, she asked. His answers made her rethink what she knew about him and her own identity.”

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