As I Lay Crying: A Podcast

Art by Mónica Cáceres

Art by Mónica Cáceres

I am starting a podcast! Here is what it will address:

“Crying. It’s innate in all of us — we cried as babies and children, as a biological way to convey our needs, such as hunger. But it gets more complicated as adults. Why do we cry? And when is it appropriate? When does it show weakness? Strength?

People don’t cry solely because they’re sad. They cry because they’re happy, touched, angry, jealous, bitter, confused, anxious. Or all of the above. They cry because it’s cathartic. Because it’s their only resort. Because it’s unavoidable. Sometimes they want sympathy.

This podcast will explore the manifold concept of crying. Various people will be interviewed about the last time they cried. This will be a catalyst for discussion about deeper sociopolitical/sociocultural issues that affect individuals and can give them reasons to cry, whether that’s illness, relationship woes, financial problems, friendship concerns, family issues, abuse, bad memories or simply a sad movie. Or, of course, crying from joy and laughter.”

This will look at the biological need for crying versus the social constraints. Why are women dubbed as emotional and hormonal for crying — dismissed by society? Why do men, at times, feel like they can’t cry? That they’re weak for crying? Is it ever okay to cry in public? In a professional setting? In fact, where do people cry? Where are the best places people have cried? Who has been there for you when you’ve cried?

So yes, this is a podcast about crying, and it’s going to be so great you might cry.”

The event for the first discussion can be found here:

Stay tuned!

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