Alone: An Existential Haunting – Chilling Immersive Art [audio]

Imagine a different kind of haunted experience that plays on a person’s deepest, innate fears rather than cheap Halloween thrills. “Alone [an existential haunting]’’ is that experience. It’s a “site-specific, immersive and artistic exploration of fear, loneliness and self preservation,” according to the minimalistic website.

The experience is a thirty-minute walkthrough that each guest must undergo completely alone. The location of the event is undisclosed until a few days prior to the day one chooses to participate, and varies from year to year. This year, it was moments away from Skid Row. Participants must sign a waiver that actors can freely touch and physically engage them.

This interactive art concept plays into what we instinctively fear, making us reflect on our human condition while being completely immersed in another world.

Originally written/produced for Annenberg Radio News: CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY.

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