Culture in a Cup: Essencha Tea House

Oakley’s Essencha Tea House & Fine Teas Uses a Global Approach to Tea

Provided by Essencha.

Provided by Essencha.

Experts have long touted the plentiful health benefits of tea, an ambrosial drink that has been around for centuries. With more than 100 loose-leaf teas and tea beverages, Essencha Tea House & Fine Teas in Oakley is the perfect place to relax with a cup of the widely popular beverage. The atmospheric establishment has been known to satisfy tea lovers and convert non-drinkers.

Owner Tracy Monson was inspired by her travel experiences to open Essencha. “One of the things that I found that was so interesting was that in most parts of the world I traveled to, tea was used as a vehicle to demonstrate hospitality, friendship and warmth, and to conduct business,” says Monson. “I was really surprised that there was no place in town to get a decent cup of tea in the States, knowing the rest of the world enjoyed this beverage. Tea is the world’s second most popular drink next to water.”

Provided by Essencha.

Provided by Essencha.

In addition to the loose-leaf teas, which range from black to oolong to rooibos, Essencha offers a variety of “special teas” as well, including bubble tea (with fruit and coconut flavors among others), matcha, iced tea, chai or taro latte, and fine tea by the pot and cup. Guests can even purchase teaware and tea accessories in order to enjoy their favorites at home.

“We pick a really global approach to tea. It isn’t a British teahouse or British-influenced tea company. We tend to take the cultural approach that places that grow tea actually take,” says Monson. “Our biggest selling tea is matcha, which is used in Japanese tea ceremonies. I drank matcha every day in Japan when I lived there.”

The teahouse also serves food, such as sandwiches, soups, seasonal salads, fruit pastries, crepes and desserts.

Provided by Essencha.

Provided by Essencha.

“The menu is designed to go with tea,” explains Monson. “We make recommendation for pairings. There is a lot of thought because everything is homemade, down to the sauces.” Essencha Tea House & Fine Teas, 3212 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209, 513-533-4832.

Originally written for Cincy Magazine.

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